Week 4: NFL Rankings of Power 1-5


Week 4 is under wraps and there are five teams that have remained undefeated through the first quarter of the 2013 NFL season: the New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, And the Denver Broncos. Some of these undefeated teams have played better than others which is why its time to throw them into my NFL rankings of power.

Number 1: Denver Broncos (4-0) – The Broncos remain in my top spot after another impressive defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Broncos beat the Eagles 52-20 on Sunday in extraordinary fashion, setting the franchise record for the most points in a single regular season game. This Peyton Manning led offense has looked dominant, even unstoppable at times. They have scored a whopping 179 points through four games, a feat that hasn’t been done since the 1962 Dallas Cowboys. Ironically, the Broncos play the struggling Cowboys next week in Dallas. I once again expect the Broncos to remain in the top spot, unless they let their foot of the gas pedal for some unforeseen reason.

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