Week 2 NFL Power Rankings


Week 2 of the regular NFL season is finishing up this Monday night in a AFC North showdown. I’ll usually wait to post my power rankings, but these two teams aren’t exactly stacked among the elite so I went ahead and went on without them.

Number 1: Denver Broncos (2-0)

As a sports fan I am naturally superstitious, so I get some what of an uncomfortable feeling putting my own Denver Broncos in the number one spot. I don’t see how they aren’t the number one team in the league right now though. The justification? How about a 13 straight game winning streak in the regular season. Or how about seven straight games won on the road by the Broncos. Don’t expect Denver to be moving out of this spot in the near future either as they play the Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles in the next fours weeks. Then they get Von Miller back, so things are looking good if you are a Broncos fan.

Number 2: Seattle Seahawks (2-0)

The Seattle Seahawks beat down the San Francisco Forty Niners on Sunday night with a dominating defensive effort. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick looked dazed and confused from the first snap and remained so for the rest of the game. Seattle’s defense is the real deal. Russel Wilson did look a little rusty, completing only 8 out of his 19 attempts while posting an undramatic 25.9 quarterback rating. Like Denver, look for Seattle to remain in this spot next week as they play the Jacksonville Jaguars this sunday.

Number 3: San Francisco Forty Niners (1-1)

San Francisco fans should be thankful Im giving them this spot after what happened to them on Sunday night. I was going to go with another 2-0 team based off of point differential, but I decided to keep my credibility instead. Kaepernick made San Francisco fans miss Alex Smith on Sunday night. He was constantly under pressure and I think I’d be right to say that it got to his head. Is this the formula to beating the young Kaepernick, a smart and aggressive defense? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Number 4: Miami Dolphins (2-0)

Has my credibility gone out the window yet? Probably, but that doesn’t change my mind on the Fins who has gone 2-0 on the road! With the Pats going in a downward spiral towards mayhem and destruction, Miami is the new up and coming team to beat in the AFC East. They have the fourth best point differential in the league with a +17 differential. Their defense is full of playmakers and the addition of Mike Wallace makes the Dolphins a threat to the Patriots. Watch out New England.

Number 5: Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

The Chiefs have looked good so far this season. Mind that this is against teams with a combined 1-5 record. Im anxious to see where this team fits among the elite though. If they can stand toe-to-toe with the best than expect Kansas City to move up. 

Number 6: Chicago Bears (2-0)

Jay Cutler and Mark Trestman look like best pals right now. Key word there though is ‘right now’. You could of said the same thing about Jay and Lovie Smith at this point in this season last year and we all know how that turned out. Chicago fans have a reason to optimistic though. They’ve had two strong wins against a contender in the AFC and another one against a divisional opponent. The most important thing about the Bears this season though is that Jay Cutler actually has an offensive line now. Finally right? Now its your move Jay, show us what you got. 

Number 7: New Orleans Saints (2-0)

Who dat? That is the Saints back with Sean Payton and an actual defense! Thats who dat is. They are my pick to win the NFC South and its looking good so far. Don’t let me down Drew!

Number 8: Houston Texans (2-0)

Number 9: Cincinnati Bengals (1-1)

Number 10: Tennessee Titans (1-1) 


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