Denver nears record high rainfall

Denver Rainfall img

Denver, Colo. – Brent Wold’s commute from his house in the suburbs of Aurora to his school located on the outskirts of downtown Denver usually requires sun glasses. However this summer, Wold has noticed that he has been switching his shades for his windshield wipers more so than ever.

Colorado is widely renown as one of the sunniest states in the Union. The states dry temperament climate experiences over 300 days of sunshine every year.

Unlike the typical summers experienced in Denver however, this past summer has seen more rain than usual. Locals like Wold claim that this summer has experienced more rain than he’s ever seen.

Precipitation levels recorded by indicate that Denver has received 3.80 inches of rainfall in the month of August. Denver usually averages 2.01 inches in the month of August, justifying Wold’s claim that this summer has seen more rain than usual.

This rainfall in Denver isn’t being dreaded upon though, rather it is being accepted with open arms among Denver residents. Earlier this year the state imposed water restrictions and fire bans due to the area’s lack of precipitation and dry conditions. Locals were desperate for rain this summer because they feared wildfires would devastate the state like they previously had last summer.

As summer nears it end, residents like Wold are hoping that this watery trend continues into the winter because as much as Coloradans love their rain, everyone knows that they love their snow even more.


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