Denver nears record high rainfall

Denver Rainfall img

Denver, Colo. – Brent Wold’s commute from his house in the suburbs of Aurora to his school located on the outskirts of downtown Denver usually requires sun glasses. However this summer, Wold has noticed that he has been switching his shades for his windshield wipers more so than ever.

Colorado is widely renown as one of the sunniest states in the Union. The states dry temperament climate experiences over 300 days of sunshine every year.

Unlike the typical summers experienced in Denver however, this past summer has seen more rain than usual. Locals like Wold claim that this summer has experienced more rain than he’s ever seen.

Precipitation levels recorded by indicate that Denver has received 3.80 inches of rainfall in the month of August. Denver usually averages 2.01 inches in the month of August, justifying Wold’s claim that this summer has seen more rain than usual.

This rainfall in Denver isn’t being dreaded upon though, rather it is being accepted with open arms among Denver residents. Earlier this year the state imposed water restrictions and fire bans due to the area’s lack of precipitation and dry conditions. Locals were desperate for rain this summer because they feared wildfires would devastate the state like they previously had last summer.

As summer nears it end, residents like Wold are hoping that this watery trend continues into the winter because as much as Coloradans love their rain, everyone knows that they love their snow even more.


Why Every Fan of Football Should Want to Improve the Safety of the Game

Steve Atwater

I’ll admit it. For years I was one of those Americans that had no regard for the safety of the players in the NFL. The execs in the NFL however have had different ideas when it comes to player safety. They, unlike thousands of fans, are drastically concerned with player safety for a number of different reasons, concussions being the primary. This can be seen through the new rules that have been recently implemented by the NFL. Their hope is that these new rules will cut down on the amount of injuries that commonly occur on the field, specifically the amount concussions. Like many, I was not a fan of these new rules because I thought that it’d take away from the exciting moments that make up the game. So why would the NFL try and reprehend these exciting moments we fans have come to cherish? We don’t want to watch a game where men dressed like a bunch of zebras replace the pigskin with yellow flags. Some of my earliest NFL memories are made up of these exciting moments. They were what made me a fan of football. Moments like Steve Atwaters infamous smack down on the Nigerian Nightmare Christian Okoye, or the priceless sound of John Lynch hitting a receiver who foolishly dared to cross the middle. These moments on the gridiron are what plant the seeds for every generations growing fandom, and to think that a flag would of been thrown if these plays some how happened in today’s game makes me sick to me stomach. That’s why it took so long for me to support the new rules, because I felt they would replace these moments with yellow flags.

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