Most Exciting Rookie Prospects for the Broncos

Tavarres King

Outside of the Super Bowl or bust hysteria surrounding the Denver Broncos right now, there are a number rookies they drafted and picked up via free agency to get excited about this up and coming season. From the addition of special team playmakers like Quincy McDuffie, to an explosive wide out in Tavarres King, the Broncos have to like their potential play makers as they head into their 2013 training camp.

If you haven’t heard of Quincy McDuffie than you will in the near future. The Broncos signed McDuffie as a rookie free agent this off season with the hopes of becoming a special teams returner to go along with the already dangerous Trinton Holiday. This quick combo could possibly be the best unit on the field for the Broncos, which says a lot because their defensive and offensive units aren’t half bad as well. What I like about Duffie is his obvious speed, yet he is a bit heavier than Holiday which gives him more momentum. Look for him to turn some heads as the season gets under way.

The Broncos face some tough decisions next year during the off season. Three of their best players contracts will be expiring, thus they will be entering the free-agency market. Two of those players include Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, who will most likely have a heavy price tag due to their play making ability. With Von Miller being the other free-agent next year, the Broncos will be forced to sign only two of the three.

Most predict that the odd man out will Eric Decker come free agency next year, which is were this man, Tavarres King comes into play. I like this SEC product a lot. If I had to compare him to a current NFL wide out it would be fellow Bull Dog AJ Green of the Cincinnati Bengals. If King can show flashes of AJ Green in him than the Broncos can afford to cut ties with Decker. I expect him to compete for the Broncos fourth wide reciever spot this year, which will be an intense one considering the receivers the Broncos have.


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