Should the Rockies trade Michael Cuddyer?

Michael Cuddyer

The Rockies All-Star slugger Michael Cuddyer has seen a lot in his twelve year career, yet he surprisingly has a lot left in the gas tank. One could argue that he is having his best year yet, hitting .330 with 16 bombs and 55 rbi’s at the All-Star break. There is no doubt that his production on the offensive side of the plate is a valuable asset for the Rockies as they head into the unofficial second half of the season. But as the Rockies currently sit 4.5 games out of first place in the NL West, there has been rumors floating around about the Rockies potentially trading Cuddy for some much needed pitching help.

Cuddyer is valuable trade chip right now for the Rockies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be looking to shop him. Outside of the offensive production Cuddy offers, he is a highly respective veteran in the Rockies relatively young locker room and the Rockies would surely miss those assets if he were to go.

However Cuddyer’s leadership and offensive value isn’t the main reason as to why the Rockies should keep him. The main reason has to do with the Rockies history in trading position players for pitching, wether it be for a current major league starter or a young prospect. Utter failure wouldn’t even begin to describe the history the Rockies have in these sort of transactions, with the exception of the move to bring in Tyler Chatwood from the Los Angeles Angels for catcher Chris Ianetta. You might as well consider that move to be the eighth natural wonder of the world because it is highly unlikely the Rockies could duplicate it given their track record with trading for pitching.

So thats my question, why take the risk in trading Cuddyer for an arm that is more than likely not going to work out? If it does work out than great, but what if the Rockies potent offense suffers from the absence of Cuddyer? An offensive with Tulo, Cargo, and Fowler on it may provide enough power to make the absence of Cuddyer not so heart felt. But with the questions surrounding Tulo’s health and durability, the loss of Cuddyer could really hurt if Tulo were to go down again.

If the Rockies want to contend this season than they need to look at trading some of their other prospects and young position players to bring in a much needed arm to help them contend in the second half of the season. Juan Nicasio is also showing signs of improvement and if he can duplicate what he did in his previous start in LA than they realistically only need one more starter to really put them in a good position to contend. Also, if Drew Pomeranz can improve than they’ll be in really good shape to contend for the division title as they would then have a strong starting five in their pitching rotation.

So as we sit here at the All-Star break, if the Rocks want to contend than they need to find a way to bring in an arm that doesn’t include shipping out Michael Cuddyer. He is to valuable of an asset to the Rockies potent offense and is an important veteran helping develop the youth that makes up their roster.


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