Most Exciting Rookie Prospects for the Broncos

Tavarres King

Outside of the Super Bowl or bust hysteria surrounding the Denver Broncos right now, there are a number rookies they drafted and picked up via free agency to get excited about this up and coming season. From the addition of special team playmakers like Quincy McDuffie, to an explosive wide out in Tavarres King, the Broncos have to like their potential play makers as they head into their 2013 training camp.

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Should the Rockies trade Michael Cuddyer?

Michael Cuddyer

The Rockies All-Star slugger Michael Cuddyer has seen a lot in his twelve year career, yet he┬ásurprisingly has a lot left in the gas tank. One could argue that he is having his best year yet, hitting .330 with 16 bombs and 55 rbi’s at the All-Star break. There is no doubt that his production on the offensive side of the plate is a valuable asset for the Rockies as they head into the unofficial second half of the season. But as the Rockies currently sit 4.5 games out of first place in the NL West, there has been rumors floating around about the Rockies potentially trading Cuddy for some much needed pitching help.

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Why George Zimmerman is Innocent

Let’s start with the tape of Zimmerman’s 911 call to police. Unlike the deceptively spliced and edited snippets broadcast on television news, the full, undoctored tape proves that, at the time he was supposedly hunting down his intended victim, Zimmerman was asking 911 to send a police officer to his location to investigate Martin’s suspicious behavior. If Zimmerman was intending murder, why would he first alert the police and invite them to the scene of the crime?

Similarly, Zimmerman can be heard on the full tape telling the 911 operator that Martin was approaching him. This unscripted, real-time declaration contradicts the media gospel that Zimmerman stalked a retreating and inoffensive Martin.

Moreover, various civilian witnesses have given police statements establishing that, when the fatal shot was fired, Zimmerman was on the ground being beaten by Martin. One witness told police he saw a black male in a dark-color hoodie (later identified as Martin) on top of a “white or Hispanic male” in a red sweatshirt (later identified as Zimmerman), who was on the ground. Martin was throwing punches in “mixed martial-arts” style, while Zimmerman was calling for help.

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