About Me


Hello my name is Brent Wold, I am twenty-one year old male currently attending the Colorado Media School in Denver, Colorado with the ambitions of becoming a radio or T.V. broadcaster. My main interests are in sports and politics which I am actively engaged in via social media, my blog, or through my internet radio show Wold’s World on GoMileHigh.com.

In my time at the Colorado Media School I have learned a variety of skills that relate to the television and radio side of broadcasting. My dream is to one day have my own late night national sports talk radio show on one of the major networks. Some of my idols in the industry are Ben Maller, JT The Brick, Rush Limbaugh, Dan Patrick, and Jim Rome. If I could one day have a job similar to the likes of my idols than I would consider my career to be a success.

Some of my hobbies outside the industry include skiing, horseback riding, and mountaineering. I love taking advantage of the amazing outdoors in the state of Colorado. I also love to watch and talk about sports in my free time, the reason why I want to get involved in the broadcasting industry. My favorite sports teams would be the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, and the Colorado State University Rams.


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